What conditions must be met for my Medical Certificate to be validated?

  • Medical certificates that are submitted should be in the same format as provided during the registration process – and also found in the links under the sectionAre there any medical requirements in order to enter the OMAN by UTMB®?”Any modifications made to the certificate (in any form) may render the certificate invalid and it will not be accepted.
  • To ensure their validity, it is mandatory for all medical certificates to be dated and signed within 1 year of the event date (anytime from 3rd December 2019) and they must be either stamped or include the professional number of the doctor.
  • Any medical certificates uploaded in a different template to that which is provided by the organisers (i.e other UTMB event certificates) must include the same statement as written in the official template and also fulfill all of the conditions listed above in order to be accepted as a valid document.
  • Medical certificates sent by email will not be accepted and must be submitted  here by entering your family name and registration number exactly as they appear in the confirmation email that was sent to you at the time of registration, by no later than 20th November 2020.
  • Any medical certificate that does not fulfill the conditions above will be marked as invalid and you will be required to upload it again, in the correct format.

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