Teaming thousands of years of tradition with mountainous regions, the 2018 trail offered a true challenge to runners.

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Oman by UTMB® features some of the most dramatic and varied scenery that Arabia has to offer.

The Oman by UTMB 2018 course elevated from 600m at Birkat Al Mawz to the heights of Jebel Akhdar, the Green Mountain, peaking at over 2200m. With the 137km total distance bearing a vertical gain of over 7800m, this was an ultra trail packed with variety – offering terrain that was tough but fair!

Climbs were long and at times very exposed, requiring runners to be confident at height. Temperatures along the route varied greatly; during the daytime they reached 25 C in the valleys. In the mountains, where most of the trail is located, the temperature was more comfortable, at around 10 C. Plunges to below freezing were expected at night, so runners needed to equip accordingly. Given the ultra trail’s remote and difficult to access sections, a real capacity for personal self-sufficiency was required.

The fastest runners were always expected to complete this premium edition 137km course in around 20 hours – just a little less time than the full UTMB® – giving a good indication of how tough the challenge was! From the moment the joint winners Jason Schlarb and Diego ‘Zpeedy’ Pazos finished arm-in-arm in a time of 20 hours, 45 minutes and 37 seconds, a steady stream of runners followed, each celebrating the completion of an epic challenge while being applauded by Omani spectators and well-wishers.

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