Three races. Three distances. Three opportunities to take on the epic Hajar mountain range.

OMAN by UTMB® is a runner’s dream – an ultra trail along mountain top ridges, through ancient villages, palm plantations, deep wadis and narrow gorges.

Take a look at the distances on offer to see which best suits your experience level.

AHM: 50 km

The AHM race is perfect for runners new to the sport who are looking for a tough but fair challenge.

ITRA points to enter: 0
ITRA points on finishing: 2
Distance: 50 km
Total Elevation Gain: 2,300m
Highest Point: 2,260m
Start Location: Al Hamra
Finish Location: Al Hamra
Start Date: 29 Nov

JBA: 137 km

Labelled one of the most technical UTMB routes in trail running, runners now have the chance to go face to face with the original 137KM trail again as they take on the heights of the Green Mountain, Jebel Al Akhdar.

ITRA points to enter: 4
ITRA points on finishing: 5
Distance: 137 km
Total Elevation Gain: 7,400m
Highest Point: 2,390m
Start Location: Birkat Al Mouz
Finish Location: Al Hamra
Start Date: 28 Nov

JBS: 170 km

The JBS will provide a significant technical challenge to all runners who take part in this race and will require participants to be confident and completely self-sufficient.

ITRA points to enter: 5
ITRA points on finishing: 6
Distance: 170 km
Total Elevation Gain: 10,400m
Highest Point: 3,000m
Start Location: Birkat Al Mouz
Finish Location: Al Hamra
Start Date: 28 Nov
ITRA Points

ITRA is the International Trail Running Association which develops and promotes trail running and awards points to specific events. These points are based on distance and difficulty and are awarded to runners who complete the races within the official barrier times. Runners collect ITRA points in order to be able to compete in other events which require a minimum number of points as part of the entry requirements. For more information on ITRA please