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How many friends or family members accompanied you on your visit to the UTMB 2019?
Adults - 16 years +
Children under 16

Spending in Oman

During your time at UTMB what was your estimated average spend per day in the following categories? Please include all expenditure you incurred, whether you paid for it out of your own pocket or whether you will be reimbursed (e.g. through expenses if on a corporate trip). Please advise the number of people this accounts for. (Type in amounts)

Retail shopping (merchandise, souvenirs, clothes, films, books etc.)
Meals and drinks in restaurants / cafes / bars / vendors etc. (but excluding groceries bought from shops)
Groceries (food and drink) bought from shops
Transport & travel within Oman (e.g. car rental / taxi / bus / petrol / fuel) – excluding international travel costs.
Retail shopping (merchandise, souvenirs, clothes, films, books etc.)

Reflections on the Event


(0=not likely, 10 = extremely likely)

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