150km JBS


150km Jebel Shams (JBS)

The JBS challenge is an epic and technical adventure that’s only recommended for extremely experienced ultra trailers. With an entry requirement of 4 ITRA ranking points, the 150km JBS challenge offers the ultimate journey to competitors. In return, 6 ITRA points will be awarded to finishers.

Athletes must be confident in their ability to cover very challenging terrain whilst being completely self-sufficient for a minimum of 10 hours, due to the significant distances between the Aid Stations on the Jebel Shams section of the route. Runners taking on this ultimate challenge will follow the route up the iconic Jebel Al Akhdar, before crossing the plateau and climbing to the summit of Jebel Hatt, the second of the three peaks runners will need to conquer to complete the JBS challenge. The final climb will take participants on a breath-taking trail to the highest peak on the Arabian peninsula, Jebel Shams. From a summit of 3,000m, JBS participants will descend Jebel Shams to the finish line at Al Hamra, via Misfat Al Abriyyin.

New for 2020:
• Runners arriving at the Aid Station at Top W8 within the barrier time – the point at which the Jebel Shams section starts – will be evaluated before being allowed to continue with the JBS. Any runners medically assessed to be struggling will be re-directed onto the JBA route and reclassified to compete in the 100km JBA race. This rule will also apply to JBS runners arriving after the barrier time.
• Oman by UTMB® 2020 routes will not include either the Via Ferrata section or the Balat Sayt vertical climb that have featured as part of the trail in previous editions of the event.

Technical Data



Qualifying points to enter: 4
Qualifying points on finishing: 6

Qualifying Points For OMAN by UTMB®

The ITRA (International Trail-Running Association) evaluates the points awarded by a race according to its distance, height gain and autonomy (aid stations vs runners being self-sufficient). According to the ITRA points awarded, the race can apply to become a UTMB qualifying race. UTMB must accept the request in order for a race to award a certain number of points, equivalent to the ITRA points.

Each runner will need to have the required qualifying points in order to enter and compete in their chosen Oman by UTMB 2020 race category. These will have been collected by finishing applicable races hosted from 1st January 2017 – 31st October 2020. A list of qualifying races can be found on the UTMB website.

If you have any enquires regarding the status of your current ITRA points, please contact ITRA directly.

Qualifying Points for UTMB® 2020

All finishers of the 150km, 100km and 50km will gain UTMB® running stones (18 awarded for completing the 150 km, 15 for the 100 km and 9 for the 50 km), which can be used towards gaining entry to UTMB® 2021 in Chamonix. For further information about qualifying for UTMB 2021 in Chamonix, please take a look here.